As already stated, Alexei is the resident Oracle and de facto healer for the party. He professes to be true neutral and that’s usually the case, when he’s not cutting out tongues and healing them backwards, or using a horse to great effect.

He has taken concept of charisma and taken it to a new level, a man who is impossibly likeable, who has charmed his way through many a diplomatic affair and intimidated the roughest of foes to quivering wrecks.

This nigh infallible Charisma has resulted in a large following to the “cult” of Alexei, to the degree where he has been able to grant spells to a number of his most loyal followers. His artistic visions given shape and form are such that they have attracted the attentions of divine beings, so it is clear that we speak of a man who has the potential to shape the world with a few well placed words… What will he do with it?