Chester is a far flung scion of nobility – son to a famous singer who faded from the public eye many years ago. His lineage appears to be half-orc, how his mother came to give birth to a half orc isn’t something he discusses, however one can come to their own conclusions.

Notably, Chester is a very devout follower of Sarenrae, the Dawnflower. He is known to commune with her when in times of need, he carries a number of her symbols about his body, along with the ceremonial scimitar he often wears at his hip.

A man with a strong sense of justice, the Inquisitor’s axe follows the will of Sarenrae, willing to forgive a crime should someone demonstrate themselves to be truly repentant. Now made Earl, he’s given the power to spread Sarenrae’s light, will he reflect her true wishes or will the position of power over people corrupt him?