The devoted Paladin, the ever present force of justice and divine retribution, they are the ubiquitous image of good and purity. So we come to the newest member of the party, Kieran, a Knight of Ragathiel’s Order, knighted by Brevoy and granted lands to the West of the Dawnlands. A small barony by the name of Drelev’s Folly, drawing it’s namesake from the previous corrupt lord, ousted by Kieran.

He has partnered with a Griffon by the name of Brutus with whom they have ventured into battle many times. They have proven themselves time, and time again to be a formidable team and will continue to do so for years to come.

The question we ask of him, like all others before him, we stand a precipice of change, what will he do with it? Can he walk the fine line between purity and temptation, can he maintain his determination?